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No Holds Bard, and No Holds Bard on Twitter or Facebook.


Lost Hope (on Facebook)
Michael is voicing the character Captain Hal Reiner in this comedic sci-fi space opera series from FoxBox Creative.

Death Walks into a Bar (on Facebook)
Michael played the God of War in this short film by writer/director Liam Wylie.

Terry Teo
Michael will guest star as Cornelius Jones in an episode of this revival of the classic Kiwi show, to air on TV2.  Click here for info.

Michael directed episodes 6 & 7 of this BBC/South Pacific Pictures tv series set in the Cook Islands.  He filmed his episodes in October/November.
  Click here to watch a behind-the-scenes video of filming in Rarotonga, with Michael directing in the background.  Click here for more info, or check out the show's Facebook page.

The Lion Queen
Michael narrated this 6-episode documentary series for Top Shelf Productions.  It has been shown on Animal Planet across Africa, in the Middle East, and in parts of Europe.  Click here for details and to watch the trailer; see their Facebook page for showings in other regions.







13 February-7 March 2015:  A Midsummer Night's Dream

Theatre Scenes: "the clearest productions of Shakespeare I have seen in terms of communicating the storytelling, and it achieves this without dumbing itself down ... this is a fresh, yet ultimately faithful production with actors well-schooled in the text.  You should bring along someone who is not so familiar, this production is the perfect gate-way drug to the wonders of Shakespeare".

Lumiere Reader:  "This is Shakespeare for people who had Shakespeare ruined for them in high school by over-analysis and interpretation.  One of the theatrical highlights of the summer season that shouldn't be missed.  Go see it and be spellbound".

NZ Herald: "With Michael Hurst at the helm the Summer Shakespeare strikes an appealing balance between the finesse of a fully professional production and the anarchaic exuberance of students having a bit of a lark.  The brilliantly inventive stagecraft energises a uniformly excellent cast who bring a clear sense of purpose to the smallest details of their performances".

Theatreview: "A Perfect Midsummer Night Out ... I am in nirvana.  I wanted this to be good.  Thanks everyone for not undermining my book reader's vision of A Midsummer Night's Dream ... If I lived closer I think I would be at this show every night"  "the success of creating a Shakespeare lies, not in the ability to stage individual scenes or even to build good performances, but the capacity to overview the whole journey, to tell the story, and this Hurst has done, and always does, exceptionally well.  There's a dark heart to Shakespeare's play and this is often overlooked in the endless search for laughter and romance but not so in this case.  We need both and Hurst and his excellent cast have given us this and with oodles to spare ... It's world class Shakespeare"


Michael directed for University of Auckland Summer Shakespeare.

See their Facebook page.  Click here for info and to book.

From the press release:  "MICHAEL HURST'S FRENZY OF FRANTIC LOVE... Valentine's Day just got a whole lot sexier, you guys.  This February 14, the mistakes and follies of young love, wildly hammy amateur acting and warring fairies are whipped up into a maelstrom by a cast aged 18 to 94 when A Midsummer Night's Dream opens the annual Auckland Summer Shakespeare season".

Click here to listen to Michael talk about A Midsummer Night's Dream on RadioNZ Concert.

14 Feb-7 March 2015:  The Ladykillers
Michael did stunt choreography for this Auckland Theatre Company production.  Click here for info and to book.

Theatreview:  "Credit must also be given to Michael Hurst's seamless stunt choreography that ensures the quick, often brutish exchanges are lively and impactful with no trace of stylised clichés".

Theatrescenes:  "The cast proves the physical and intellectual demand of farce an achievable one thanks to Michael Hurst's signature stunt choreography and their own natural timing"

23 Feb-early April 2015: Generation of Z: Apocalypse
Michael is directing this immersive live theatre experience in London, opening 4 April at 69-89 Mile End Rd, London.  Click here for info and tickets.


mid-April–mid-May 2015:  Step Dave
Michael will direct the last two episodes of the second season of NZ tv series, Step Dave.

11-12 April 2015:  Oz Comic-Con, Perth
Michael will be a celebrity guest at Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre.  He will be a guest on stage for a Q&A, plus he and Kevin Sorbo will do a "Hercules Dinner" on 11 April with a maximum of 10 fans.  Click here for info and tickets.

mid-April–mid-May 2015:  Step Dave
Michael will direct the last two episodes of the second season of NZ tv series.

18-19 April 2015:  Oz Comic-Con, Adelaide
Michael will be a celebrity guest at Adelaide Showgrounds.  He will be a guest on stage for a Q&A, plus he and Kevin Sorbo will do a "Hercules Dinner" on 18 April with a maximum of 10 fans.  Click here for info and tickets.

2-11 June 2015: Teaching for The Actors' Program
Michael will be teaching Shakespeare.

30 July-23 August 2015: Lysistrata
Michael is adapting and directing Aristophanes' Lysistrata for Auckland Theatre Company at Q Theatre, starring Amanda Billing, Jennifer Ward-Lealand, and Mike Edward.

August 2015:  The Other Side of Love
Michael plays Magic in this feature film, filming in England.  See info on Facebook.